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Garage Door Safety

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Garage door safetyKeeping your garage door maintained is essential to preserve its security. Having a garage is great for the protection of your cars, but if some of the hinges become loose they can be forced, and you have a security problem. You need to have a good look at your door every few months to make sure there is nothing loose or that there is nothing out of the ordinary in its operation.

Some of the things that may need to be taken care of include:

  • Torsion springs. Springs are what hood your door suspended and allow you to raise and lower the door gracefully and relatively effortlessly. Naturally these wear out after a while, but typically one at a time. Nevertheless, it is standard practice to replace both when you have one done so that the door will maintain its balance. Don’t think the garage door repairman is trying to upsell you.
  • Don’t mess with the bottom brackets. The bottom brackets attach to the door and are under a great deal of tension, which means that they could cause injury if they slip.
  • Make sure the kill sensor is working. All garage doors come with sensors that will reverse the direction of the door if it encounters any obstructions. This was not always the case and children were most often the victims. Nevertheless, even though sensors are standard issue, you should still perform a periodic inspection to make sure its working. It’s not uncommon for the sensor to get covered with dust or become obstructed in some other way. To inspect, simply take an empty shoe box with the lid and place on the ground it in the path of the closing door. If the shoebox is crushed by the door, call a technician immediately
  • Always use a professional. Yes, I know your brother-in-law can “fix anything”, but installing a garage door is not the same as slapping on a coat of paint. These guys know what they are doing, many are factory certified and already know all the ins and outs.