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Garage Door Openers

For most people, a garage door isn’t a garage door without an automatic opener. If you live in a cold region of the country, they’re considered necessary. But first you need to decide which one is right for you.

Garage door openers come in three varieties:

  • Screw: operate like they sound, with a screw type device. screw garage door opener
  • Chain: these are the oldest variety, and will not go out of style in the near future. They do make a lot of noise, and may not be the best choice if your garage is near living areas
  • Belt: these are more of less like the chain operated variety, but the belt is quieter because it’s made of rubber. They are also a bit more expensive.

Next you will need to decide how powerful a garage door opener you need. Heavy door like wood and steel, naturally, need greater power than aluminum or fiberglass. Lighter doors need around one-quarter horsepower. Heavy doors will need one-half horsepower or greater, depending on how wide the door is.

Security. All garage doors come with safety features that keep the door from closing on anyone or anything, so this is not a matter. However, when it comes to the remote control code, you should look for a door with a modulating code. This essentially means that the remote transmitter creates a different random number every time the opener button is pressed. The receiver inside your home makes sure that the random number matches.

If you are unsure about exactly which kind of garage door you need, you should call a professional for advice and assistance.

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