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Painting your garage door

garage door paintingYour garage door, like everything else on your house, needs to be spruced up every once in a while. Painting it can add a little something extra to it when it starts looking drab. Fortunately it’s simple and inexpensive, but it is important that the door be in good shape before painting. A door that is falling apart is probably a candidate for replacement.

First off, you need to determine the door’s materials. Wood and metal are the easiest to work with, and if you visit your hardware store, you will not have any problems finding a color that suits you. You should clean the door before painting since dirt will not allow the paint to adhere to the material. Next you should get some sandpaper to smooth all the surfaces. The final part of the preparation should include taking a moist towel and wiping the door down. This will pick up any particles or dirt and paint powder that was created during the sanding. The towel should not be wet to the point that you can see the moisture on the door.

Next tape the door down so that you don’t get paint on the windows, the handles or any other accoutrements on your door. This is really something you should do well because it will pay off in the long run. Lay down tarps all the way around. Newspapers will probably fly away in the wind.

Next apply a primer coat, which will allow you to only apply one or two coats of paint. This will be especially true of porous materials like wood, which tend to absorb paint. If you can afford it, using a sprayer is superior to a roller or brush, since it coast more evenly.

After the primer has dried you are ready to paint. Again using a paint sprayer will give you a more professional job, but a roller is usually good enough.Your should not need more that two coats, if you have used a primer as your base.

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