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Reclaimed wood in garage doors

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been used elsewhere, salvaged, and has been “repurposed” to be used in something else, in our case, garage doors. Now, it may not sound like a good idea to use old wood in something new, but reclaimed wood is very popular these days. A lot of people feel there is a certain cachet in reclaimed wood, since it provides an added warmth and rustic feel that not even new woods have. Many feel that reclaimed wood garage doors look best unpainted, and we must admit we agree. The richness of the grain unleashed the true beauty of the material.

Reclaimed wood can come from any number of places, but old houses and barns are some of the best. They are relatively easy to find and they yield a great amount of wood that can be used on many different projects. Additionally, some woods, like chestnut can only be found reclaimed, since every chestnut tree was killed by disease during the first half of the 20th century. As you might expect, chestnut is one of the most expensive reclaimed woods around.

The great thing about reclaimed wood doors is that they are so versatile. Most reclaimed wood is used in carriage type doors, i.e., doors that are meant to look a “antique”. There are many doors that creatively use modern materials like aluminum that can make the latter, which doesn’t always look good, into something beautiful.

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