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Mechanically, garage doors are very simple. It’s essentially a door, the tracks to run it, rollers (which are what roll on the tracks), springs to lift it, usually an electric opener, and hinges, brackets and other various hardware to hold the components together But repeated opening and closing will eventually begin to wear the parts out and you will begin to have trouble using it. Here are a few things to look for when that day comes.

If you door is noisy, it’s usually because the hardware is either loose or worn out. You might try tightening the screws that hold the door to your house. Make sure you don’t strip it though. Worn out rollers are another problem. Usually these will have to be replaced. Nylon rollers are quieter a but metal ones are more durable. If you have a sectional door, the hinges that hold the sections together can become worn and will also have to be replaced. You can lubricate them with silicon lubricant to make them last longer. If the springs are squeaky, apply some lubricant there as well.

If your door won’t open or close, sometimes they can literally freeze if you live in a cold climate. You can try the automatic opener a few times, but if it doesn’t open after a few tries you should stop, since you can burn out the garage door opener. You should try blowing a hair dryer on the hinges. Sometimes the problem is with the opener. In this case make sure the unit it plugged in, then check to make sure the fuse has not blown. If your door won’t close all the way, the door may have become loose and is not hanging properly. Last but not least, make sure the remote has charged batteries.

If the door works but you have trouble opening or closing it, worn springs may be the culprit. If the springs look worn, you should have a professional look at them. Working on springs yourself can be dangerous since they are under high tension. The same goes for worn cables, which attach the springs to the bottom of the door and provide the proper leverage for lifting. If they are beginning to fray, this is pretty serious. Loose brackets can be another reason you have trouble opening your garage door. The brackets hold the cable to the door and thus are under a lot of pressure. You should almost never mess with these yourself for the reasons stated above.

*This article if for informational purposes only. Some garage door repairs should only be done by a professional for safety reasons.

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