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Types of Garage Doors

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Who sells garage doors?

It’s not hard to find someone in the garage door sales business. You really only need to look up ‘Garage doors’ in your favorite search engine and you’ll find tons of them. For the most part the companies you will find sell doors manufactured by another company. Some sell any door by any company, others sell the door of only one company. Some department stores and home improvement stores sell garage doors )but installing yourself is not advised). No matter where you go, you will want to look at what is available.

Garage Door Materials

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood Garage Door Wood is certainly the most popular material for garage doors and it’s not difficult to see why. People are more readily drawn to natural materials then metal or synthetic materials. Care for a wooden door is more involved than it is for other materials because wood is more susceptible to vagaries in the weather, and so can warp or become dull. This is why regular painting and weatherproofing is essential for the longevity of the door.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel Garage DoorSteel is legendary for its security and strength. Naturally, steel doors won’t warp or buckle. Additionally you can have doors laminated in any number of colors that not only look great, but make the metal nicer to look at. Lamination may be either vinyl or baked polyester which will be resilient to the weather better than paint.

Synthetic materials

Fiberglass Garage DoorFiberglass is not the most popular material for a garage door, but it has its niche. The charm of a fiberglass door is its weight. What we call a fiberglass garage door is actually an aluminum frame with fiberglass panels. You will find a door like this near the beach or somewhere else that salt takes its toll.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum Garage DoorAluminum doors are considered to be a compromise between the steel door and the fiberglass door. You will go with an aluminum door where durability is not a top issue and weight is a priority. Aluminum doors have the added benefit of not corroding and they last as long as most other metal doors.