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Hurricane Garage Doors

hurricane braces garage doorWe get a lot of hurricanes in Texas, but a lot of people don’t realize how vulnerable their garage door is to the elements during one. The fact is your garage door is a serious weak link in the chain of protection of your home. Most hurricane damage actually starts with the garage door becoming dislodged, and once that happens your entire structure can be weakened. Some people just park their car against the door and pray for the best, but this will be ineffective because hurricane winds actually suck the door outward.If you have an older door you could be more at risk.

This is why it is important that you either buy a door that is up to current hurricane resistant standards, or bolster the strength of your current garage door. A new hurricane garage door could cost up to $2000, but there are other options. Braces can hold the door in place so that it will not be forced inward or sucked outward, the process by which the tracking comes loose. Other options include impact resistant doors and hurricane panels

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