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Choosing the Right Garage Door

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Buying a Garage Door

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Before you can make a decision on which garage door to buy in Cypress TX, you have to be familiar with the types available. The range of doors is quite large and you will need to decide which materials and feature you want for yours.

The most basic doors are flush face panel doors without windows or ornamentation. These will typically run you around $600 at the low end, and if you need it installed, that will be around $150, depending on the cost of living where you live. Basic low cost doors will commonly be made of aluminum, but you can get some pretty decent wooden doors cheaply. Some will be pressed wood and can be painted to your liking.

A little higher up the ladder are semi-custom garage doors, which will allow the homeowner to mix and match which feature he wants his door to have. If you are buying a semi-custom door, you will find more types of wood available like mahogany, and a larger variety of glass panels to enhance its look. Steel doors are a popular choice because of their durability and they are easy to care for. Furthermore, steel doors are popular in cold climates because they can be insulated.

A fully customized door is considered the highest level of garage door. The wood doors come in only the highest quality wood and are often chosen because of how they complement the architecture of the home. Usually you will need an architect or designer to draw up what you want, and you can submit your design to the garage door company directly. Steel doors will be insulated and soundproofed. Often highly customized doors come with a lifetime guarantee.

No matter which type of door you choose to put on your home, you will need a qualified technician to install and maintain it. There are tons of companies in Houston that do garage door repair. Make sure you check out their credentials before committing yourself.